About Us


We’re a small, family-owned company based in Colorado. Let us explain what goes into every can and bottle of our products.

1) The highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients specifically designed to protect, grow, nourish and style your beard. All of our products are handmade in the USA in small batches.

2) We love two things at Gladiator Beard Company, gladiators and beards! We didn’t just grab a logo off the internet, pour some product in it, and put it out for sale. We have an in-house artist who painstakingly designs the art according to our specifications. Every product we release is a unique piece of art. We want everything about our product to say “quality.”

3) Gladiator Beard Company has proudly committed 5% of our annual profits as donations to charities supporting the true gladiators among us; our US military veterans.

4) We desire to do two things at Gladiator Beard Company; reinvest into growing the business, and to give back via our charitable efforts.

5) The highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients go into every can. Handmade in small batches in the USA. Custom art. 5% of our profits go to charity. We do all of this, yet still charge a competitive market price for our product. Our goal is to build brand loyalty by sweating every detail so our customers know they are getting the highest quality product we can give them, rather than chase the extra buck. Putting our customer’s desires first is our highest priority at Gladiator Beard Company.